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Have you ever heard about Kingsoft Office? Okay, then you are not a newcomer to the WPS Office app. WPS Office is before known as Kingsoft Office. If you need to download this smart app on your smartphone and tablet device, then you have arrived at the right site! From this article, you can take the latest knowledge about WPS office app for your smart devices with stunning features.

Description of WPS Office App

WPS Office is an office app that blend with Memo, Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, PDF, etc. This basic version is available for free to use. This functionality is similar to Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Doc formats, etc. but you can use this app as an alternative to Microsoft Office. Anyhow, if you need to take the best mobile office experience on your mobile device, we are sure that WPS Office is the best app for you.

Mainly, this process already easy to use because there is the most simple user-friendly interface like Microsoft office world. Indeed, this handy app allows you to create, view, edit, and share office word documents without any barrier. Also, you need effectively handle your office tasks. WPS Office is a superb application for you. Also, this handy app is a cross-platform application and the WPS Office formats working with .docx, .doc, .xlsx, .xls, .pptx, ppt, and .txt file formats. So that now you can easily look at a doc or powerpoint or spreadsheet when you are busy while traveling or many other different situations. Yes, it is not a jock, now you can easily manage your important documents, consider changes, generating or modifying word documents, creating spreadsheets, converting PDF files into editable formats and retrieving accidentally deleted files and other to finalizes work with the help of WPS Office on your smart device. Good to say, this is the greatest ever app for files management forever you have found.

Features of WPS Office App

● Alternative app to Microsoft Office.
● Trust, this is an all-in-one office app for your smart devices.
● This app is Android and iSO supported.
● Straightforward to work with excel, word, ppt, etc. documents.
● Also, the best Windows or Linux Desktop Support application for you.
● You can easily View Multiple Documents
● There are lots of Extras
● Including with Formulas and Functions, so that you can quickly analyze complex data.
● There is an ability to Password Protection
● You can easily use Built-In Charts, so there is the ability to customize charts with column, line, pie, bar, scatter, etc.
● You can use the Pivot Tables as analyze and summarize vast volumes of data without any trouble.
● You can use PDF To Word Converter to quickly convert PDF files to DOC and DOCX format files.
● There is a Word-Class Text Editor.
● You can save your documents as to PDF using Save-To-PDF tool.
● The Excel Spreadsheets are compatible with XLS, XLXS, and CSV files.
● There you can find advanced Animation and Advanced Modeling.
● You can quickly create the number of the letters using Mail Merge.
● Using the what-if analysis functions, you can find the answers for complicated or data-driven problems.
● No mess, this is a 100% safe and virus free app for you.
● Super more accessible to Data Recovery. So you can recover your encrypted files and documents. It means you can bring back the file quickly.
● You have the best chance to make fabulous Presentations using pre-made templates, enter various forms of multimedia and more other facilities.
● Table Formatting help to organize and present data.
● Collaboration Tools can use to track changes and user comments
● There are an advanced Spreadsheets
● You can quickly join custom watermark when you are export documents to PDF.
● Using the drag-and-drop feature, you can promptly adjust indentation, paragraph spacing, line spacing, and more naturally.
● You can edit texts, images, custom charts, tables, and other objects apply to your documents such as MS Word documents.
● This app holds 1048576 rows and 16384 columns.
● Easily you can edit and control multiple documents at the ones.

How do we install the WPS Office on Android?

Now you can do all-in-one-place with the help of WPS Office. This is an entirely free office app for Android, iOS, and Windows or Linux PC device. Download the WPS Office app via the Play Store. Once it downloaded, go through the installation processes on Android devices. After successful installation processes, you will see the app icon on your Android app menu. Open the app, and now you are ready to edit and manage your data smoothly.

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