How to use KMPlayer Properly


how to use kmplayer easily

What is KMPlayer?

KMPlayer (KMP) is a media player for Windows PC which can play many formats including DVD, VCD, AVI, OGM, 3GP, MKV, Ogg, WMV, FLV, and MP4. It has a huge user base around the world and has received strong ratings. KMPlayer was supported by advertisements, pop-ups, dedicated side panels, and including ads in the homepage.
KMPlayer was released to the market on 1 October 2002 by Gang Yonghui. Pandora TV is a Korean based streaming video company who acquired the KMP player in August 2007.

KMPlayer is a freeware. The full title is K-Multimedia Player. But, it also called as KMP, KMPlayer, KMP Player or kmp player.

The KM Player can handle a wide range of audio, video and the subtitle formats and allows one to capture video, audio and also screenshots. It can provide both filters (internal and external) with a complete controlled environment of connections to other decoders, audio/video transform filters, splitters without grappling with the DirectShow merit system. The DirectShow system is a system of selecting and prioritising codecs across the was operating system as a whole.

KM Player user can set many videos and audio effects, Increase or slow down playback speed, do many A-B repeats, select parts of a video as favourites, change the keys of remote interface for HTPC including overlay screen controls, and vary a skin dynamically depending on the media type.

KMPlayer 3D Mode

KMP player supports all kind of 3D format (top and bottom and side-by-side) videos with using a low CPU memory share and provides a well optimised, very stable playback through pc GPU ( graphics processing unit ) support. KMP plus users also can easily view 3D contents with the 3D movie plus app library. It the best for mid-range laptops and computers.

KMPlayer Mobile App

15 March 2014 KMPlayer has released its Mobile App. Currently available for Android and iOS both devices.

KMP Connect

On 14 May 2014 KMP Connect was released, which allows the user to connect the PC version of KMP to their mobile devices. Users can easily stream any compatible videos they have on their PC to their mobile devices.

How to install KM Player for PC

In Brief:

  • Go to the official website :

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  • Change the language version to English

download kmplayer


  • Download the latest version/ required version from download option. 64 bit/32 bit

free download kmplayer

  • Double click on the installation program.
  • After install open your KMPlayer from the desktop short cut

It’s very easy process for download and install the software. you can do it easily.

Are you want to know more about KMPlayer? just put comment section your request.

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