About us

Smart PC – everything you should know about PC, Mobile Tools and apps

Dakshina is the founder of Smart PC website. This website includes all the necessary details about PC, Mobile tools and apps. By using this information user can easily handle any kind of software, tools, apps easily. This includes updates, troubleshooting, inform about new versions availability. Each and every article has been created and published in a user-friendly manner so that they are pretty much easy to understand.

Our Vision and Mission

Give the latest knowledge about PC, mobile tools and apps. Create a beginner friendly guidance to make easy for every user who using these apps, tools and software.

This website was developed in 2019. If you are willing to publish your articles on Smart PC, make sure to contact us through the “Contact Us” page.

*we are not hosting any kind of software, tool or app in our servers. This’s not a download website. This website’s giving information about tools, software and apps. We do not provide any kind of download link. 

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